Hello, Crypto Family! We are excited to start our journey here! You all heard about success of Safe Moon but not everybody made it on time to participate or even if you made it on time you sold too early? So here we are! We have created a project called Safe Musk for a reason. Yes you heard us right! We have forked from Safe Moon and planning to bring you way further than moon. You ask us what is the reason we are so confident? Well let’s start from the beginning. We will have a very similar approach as Safe Moon but with a little tweaked Token Economics. But that’s not all. We believe that this community became smarter and investors knowing that the project was forked from Safe Moon won’t be selling as early as they did back then. What does that mean? Well if nobody is selling the price could sky rocket. Our idea is to build strong community. We have plenty of examples of what community can do. Look at WallStreetBets winning the fight against hedge funds. What did they do? They bought and hold and this is a principle to success. As long as we have strong and reliable community we will bring you to any star you wish. So can we make Elon jealous?